Hello Kitty将被拍成好莱 坞电影 真人还是动画呢?

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  Hello Kitty is also licensed for amusement parks and cafés, while last year a Japanese railway firm splashed the image on its bullet train, painted in pink and white.


  Although the brand typifies the Japanese trend for "kawaii" or cuteness, the character itself is identified as British, "born in a suburb of London", because when she was created in the 1970s, British culture was fashionable in Japan.


  She also has a twin sister, Mimmy.


  Sanrio said Hello Kitty's popularity was down to the "heartfelt message of friendship" the brand offered its fans.


  A statement from New Line Cinema said the firm was thrilled to have the opportunity to explore use of the "timeless" intellectual property.


  "Hello Kitty and her friends have been part of our shared culture for decades and we look forward to exploring where her newest adventure will take her," it added.



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